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HK IMMOINVEST GmbH is a real estate management company specialising in contract-based development and implementation of large-scale real estate projects. Their main focus is on neighbourhood concepts consisting of properties in the healthcare and social sectors, or new developments of inner city areas. The company’s clients (private investors, family and small/medium-sized businesses) receive comprehensive support during all phases of their real estate investment.

HK IMMOINVEST is part of the HK group, which also includes the HK Steuerberatung GmbH (accounting firm). Together with lawyers of HAACK Partnergesellschaft mbH, the HK group provides comprehensive business consulting, legal and tax consulting services under one roof.


  • Archiving of 170,000 documents and 10,000 drawings
  • Transfer to the secure REISSWOLF f.i.t. cloud archive
  • Consolidation of documents
  • Provision of files on demand, during project implementation


The client required central archiving of documents in compliance with legal requirements. Previously, the storage of HK IMMOINVEST’s consulting and client-relevant information had been decentralised.

The economic effort involved in this form of data backup became disproportionate. As a relocation was also imminent, the client decided to convert 170,000 documents and 10,000 drawings into the secure REISSWOLF f.i.t. cloud archive.

» Special requests were smoothly incorporated into the package, and everybody loves the high quality of the search functions! «


The project started with a detailed analysis and evaluation of stored data. During an open meeting, the archiving process was discussed and demonstrated using sample files. Simultaneously, a high- security cloud solution was developed in a German computing centre to consolidate the various data sources. Five staff members were involved in the project, as the project period was limited to two months. For the automated data transfer into the secure REISSWOLF f.i.t. cloud archive, all the data was first updated by the client.

The entire process was monitored and recorded to provide the client with full documentation, including statistics on the converted data. During the project, meetings and trainings were held to ensure optimum coordination of all processes. The system house was closely connected to REISSWOLF at all times to allow for immediate clarification or resolution of any issues or disruptions.

Client’s Benefit

Thanks to the digitisation, HK IMMOINVEST employees and their project partners now have all relevant data at their fingertips within seconds, whether they are in their offices, on the road or on site. All authorised employees and business partners have access to the latest data.

In addition, it is all in compliance with the high security standards and legal requirements for archiving.

Client Feedback

“The collaboration was an absolute pleasure,” says Martin Rahmes, General Manager at HK IMMOINVEST GmbH, adding that “there were two assigned contacts, who were extremely quick to provide any requested data in PDF format during the conversion.”

“The CLOUD PILOT team was at our full disposal at any time. They were always receptive to our honest feedback and many open questions. A change in the IT system is often first met with skepticism, but our concerns were always heard and so we felt in good hands at all times, and we were sure the move was going to be a great success. Also, the CLOUD PILOT staff adjusted very well to the individual HK IMMOINVEST employees, although REISSWOLF had to cater to many different requirements and needs, and everyone presented with different backgrounds and expertise”, adds Tatjana Jocher, junior pro- ject manager at HK IMMOINVEST GmbH.

And she says, “A particular asset in my daily work is the OCR capability. Now it is finally possible to browse very extensive scanned documents, e.g. a building permit document or contracts consisting of more than 100 pages, for specific key words. The CLOUD PILOT team smoothly incorporated special requests into the package. Everybody liked the way the project was handled, which clearly helped a great deal with the acceptance.”

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