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Police and the Civil Service

Lüneburg Police Department.

The Lüneburg Police Department is the superior authority of the “Police Station (PS) for Lüneburg, Lüchow-Dannenberg, Uelzen. It is assigned to Lower Saxony Police with 5 additional police departments: PS Celle, PS Heidekreis, PS Harburg, PS Stade and PS Rotenburg/Wümme.

The police’s responsibilities cover the prosecution of administrative offences, road safety work, defending against threats of all kinds, crime prevention and, above all, investigating criminal offences.


  • Digitisation of 110 lever arch files
  • Full text indexing using OCR
  • Indexing the content

The task

The project with the Lüneburg, Lüchow- Dannenberg, Uelzen Police Station involved digitising files regarding a double homicide case. This crime took place more than 25 years ago and the detectives at the Lüneburg, Lüchow-Dannenberg, Uelzen Police Station hoped that the improved research opportunities that come with a digital file system would provide a greater chance of eventually solving the case.

Even before issuing the call for ten ders, the Lower Saxony Logistics Centre, which is specifically responsible for invitations to tender for the civil service and the police, was aware of CiBS through the internet. CiBS has been a wholly owned subsidiary of REISSWOLF International AG since 2016.

To be able to provide the customer with a precise idea of the digitisation process, a tour of production and processing at several test computers was held. Both impressed the customer, and the digitisation of the 110 case files was then awarded to CiBS.

» Improved research options thanks to quick and easy access to digital files. «

The implementation

Because of the special security regulations involved, the customer brought the files to the digitisation site in Hamburg themselves for this project. After verifying that all the files were complete, they were prepared for the digitisation process by removing them from their folders and removing their staples.

Despite the varying levels of quality of the files, everything was processed in the best possible scan quality, which guarantees optimal readability. In addition, the files underwent full-text OCR, which allows the customer to use the kind of extensive keyword search function they wanted.

The project was implemented within a period of just four weeks. Once the digitisation process was completed, all of the files were returned to their original condition and handed back to the customer so they could be placed back in physical evidence storage. The digital data was handed over to the customer in person in the form of a hard disk.

Customer benefits

Digitisation means police officers are able to search files for key words in a targeted manner to find any correlations. This is simply not possible with physical files. Searching for and matching key words is a major help to these police officers.

Customer feedback

The Lüneburg, Lüchow-Dannenberg, Uelzen olice Station was very pleased with the project’s rapid progress and is now considering sending additional old cases, known as cold cases – which constitute a considerable number of files – for digitisation thanks to their excellent experience of working with CiBS.

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