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Healthcare and Social Work

Wermelskirchen Hospital

Krankenhaus Wermelskirchen GmbH serves as both a healthcare centre and centre of excellence for Wermelskirchen and the surrounding areas.

The hospital is a beacon of modern medicine and comprehensive personal care and guarantees short pathways to powerful medicine. Some 38,500 patients rely on the 330 hospital employees every year.


  • Digitisation of 10,000 inpatient and 30,000 outpatient medical records annually
  • Installation of ELOprofessional for patient files
  • File management program for mapping the digitisation process
  • Weekly collection of documents
  • DMS integration into KIS MCC

The task

Lack of space prompted our customer to dissolve the paper-based archive and opt for digitisation. At the same time, the customer also planned to introduce a document management system (DMS).

Invitations to tenders were extended for both. For DMS, the Med4ELO industry solution, specially tailored to hospitals, won out over other well-known systems. Med4ELO is based on ELOprofessional and ELOenterprise by Stuttgart-based ELO Office GmbH.

In addition to optimal integration into the KIS MCC system by the Meierhofer company, the user authorisation concept and the ECM solution’s expansion possibilities for general administration, the integrated file management was especially impressive. This spans the full digitisation process, something the customer particularly valued.

» We were impressed by the quality and reliability. They worked with us to develop a work flow
in which the patient records are available in line with our expectations, enablingus to handle them safely and smoothly. «

Ralf Schmandt
Head of Administration

The implementation

In terms of digitisation, the routine files are collected from the customer, prepared externally for scanning and are then digitised. The electronic results are transferred online directly to the DMS.

The customer used the introduction of the DMS to optimise its internal processes. This included precise file control and consolidation of the file and register structure. During the course of the project, the filing structures were adapted to suit the file plans.

All documents are now available centrally to all authorised persons. The files are accessed directly from the MCC.

Navigation and presentation in the ELO are characterised by high performance and user friendliness. In addition to the introduction of the DMS, training sessions were held for the administrators and an information day was organised for research users.

Customer benefits

Digitising patient records means they are now available any time, anywhere. From now on, the customer will be able to archive or manage the files in a digital archive in an audit-compliant way. Mapping the complete digitisation process facilitates complete, traceable documentation of processes, making the status of each file immediately visible.

Customer feedback

“We were impressed by the quality and reliability. They worked with us to develop a workflow in which the patient records are available in line with our expectations, enabling us to handle them safely and smoothly. Of course, the attractive price was also a key factor,” explains Ralf Schmandt, Head of Administration at Wermelskirchen Hospital.

“The DMS allows for complete mapping and monitoring of the digitisation process. This, coupled with the consistently positive response of users in everyday clinical practice, confirms that we made the right decision in our selection.”

The next step

The DMS can easily be moved to other areas at any time, e.g. general administration or contract management.

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